About Us

Favorite quote: "Here come the meat sweats…"


We love what we do! Whaaat to say here. Basics first, we are married. We love tacos. We have two animal children! Luna the Australian Cattle Dog (left), and Cooper our Golden Retriever (right). Long walks on the beach are more fun with sporadic dancing and humorous jokes. We currently live in Minnesota, but travel like it’s a bad habit. Oh and finally, yes wine is must for all occasions. - Alex would say except for football season…then its purely a 2 Gingers kind of occasion.

We have learned to develop and love our passion for creative work together. Alex started North Photography after he realized that sitting behind a desk was not what he was gifted with doing. Alex has been shooting now for about 10 years consistently, and by doing so he is always on the hunt for new ideas, techniques, poses, and props.

We specialize in weddings and portraits. Weddings are our favorite thing to photograph and video. Being able to capture memories and experience a variety of cultures, traditions and wonderful people are definitely perks of our job. We have combined 12+ years of creative experience in both a business and freelance setting.

We find that photography and video are not just about having a natural eye behind the camera, picking out the right angles or just magically getting exposures correct. We pride ourselves in understanding and knowing the location, the lighting, the subject and enhancing all of them in one process.

We like to treat each and every client like they are our friends and family. Our main priority every shoot is our clients. We truly believe that on your big day it should be all about you and your soon to be! Nothing stops us from loving and providing any and all services for the big and small moments throughout your special day!

We can't wait to work with you!